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Terms & Conditions

Return & Exchange Policy

1. Product Sale and Condition

All appliances offered by TJs Outlet are sold "as is." These appliances may be classified as new, slightly dented, or scratched. The term "new" refers specifically to an appliance that has never been used.

2. Warranty

a. Each major appliance, including refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers, comes with a 1-year warranty. For the initial thirty days following the purchase, TJs Outlet will cover the warranty.

b. In case of a warranty claim within the first thirty days, the customer is eligible for an exchange for the same model if available. Alternatively, the customer may opt for an exchange to a higher model, with the customer responsible for the price difference.

c. Should the customer choose a lower-priced model, the remaining balance after the original purchase price will be refunded. Please note, in the event of a full return without an exchange, a 30% restocking fee of the item's cost will be applied. The delivery fee is non-refundable.

d. The customer is responsible for the installation of the appliance. Any appliance with a defaced, modified, or removed identification number that cannot be readily determined will void the warranty.

3. Limitations and Exclusions

TJs Outlet reserves the right to limit or exclude certain warranty claims or services in the case of damage caused by misuse, improper handling, or failure to follow the installation or operation guidelines provided.

4. Claiming Warranty

To claim under warranty, customers are required to provide proof of purchase. Warranty claims must be made within the specified warranty period. For initial 30-day coverage by TJs Outlet, warranty claims must be directed to TJs Outlet customer service.

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